the time is now

“Goldishack Guerrilas song “Bulldozer”: If you’re listening then chances are if you’re easily offended, then you’ve been offended by now. Otherwise you’re hearing a very raw and political sounding rap influenced song. It’s not following any kind of standard song format. Yet some how it’s got a great flow. Tons of little bits of sound bites and cool drum loops with a nice rhythmic flow. Damn I’ve now used flow a couple of times to describe this song. That’s what it’s got – Flow. I’m diggin it. Go get it!”
“With a mixture of all types of genres blended into one unique sound, Goldishack Guerrillas are going to blow fans away. One of the reasons why I was particular drawn to this band is due to the messages that can be found in their songs/lyrics. The group is not afraid to speak on some of today’s hot topics; and that is a good thing.”
“The 3 tracks (I heard) from their full length release, WAR, which itself is just the first in a trilogy of albums, is a creative and thought provoking collection of songs that center around war, politics and the media. It is a weapon against war ... an energetic frenzy of tracks looking to inspire, energize and enlighten.”

the goldishack guerrillas


... is an East Village (NYC) activist music collective who are obsessed with social movements that empower ordinary people.  But when they're not in the streets, they're making music.  The Shack has a musical open door policy but features mainstays Rcyn (Cypha Cyndicate, Beat Raiders), Shockwave (Hamilton Mixtape, Electric Company, Freestyle Love Supreme), UTK (Pitch Perfect, Barbershop, Beatards, Freestyle Love Supreme), Kryciss (currently serving in the U.S. Army), bass extraordinaire Pat LeFrancois, and Goldi, who lives here and twiddles the knobs.   We have an analog audio obsession that was funded, in part, by the NYPD...  and BAM!  Activism and music just came head to head!  Yes, there's a story behind all that but we won't get into just yet.  Promise to add a future tab called "Story", ok?  For now, check out the debut podcast of Shock and Awesome and below the portraits by Deneka Peniston more info on just what the hell is happenin' here:



by Goldishack Guerrillas