an East Village NYC collective making music for revolutionary times

Actors, freestylers and activists collide at the Shack.


Rcyn (Cypha Cyndicate, Beat Raiders), Shockwave (Hamilton Mixtape, Electric Company, Freestyle Love Supreme), Utkarsh Ambudkar (Mulan, Barbershop, Beatards, Freestyle Love Supreme), Kryciss (U.S. Army), bass maestro Pat LeFrancois, and activist / producer Goldi, who twiddles the analog.


Songs released 2019

“Can you hear us?” echoes out over harmonica, acoustic guitars, and filtered drums. Straddling space between folk and hip hop, Freedom is a song that attempts to tackle one of the most difficult topics of our times through the musings of 3 vocalists, inviting anyone who can hear it to join in the universal call… “until justice for all”.

Cast in the spirit of Woodie Guthrie, This Song Is Your Song is an homage to the great resistance musicians of yore. As the story always goes: despite how hard life can be for you, both individually and from external institutional forces that are stacked against you, please survive. This song is for you.

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A single-take freestyle conversation between a rapper and the god of love. The story goes: the rapper (Kryciss) stumbles upon a man sobbing over something to seemingly commonplace: lost love. And he’s baffled — why does anyone care this much? Sure the world can be void of love, but caring and empathy can always be just around the corner. Delivered in an unapologetically analog recording and mixed to 1/4" tape, Cupid Cries has a sound as nostalgic as love itself.

Guerrillas muse on why everyday we have fireworks around the world in the form of wars. Featuring Utkarsh Ambudkar, Goldi and rCyn and recorded analog to 1/4” tape to add some smooth to your war :)

and out now:

Step into the mind of emcee (Freestyle Love Supreme) and actor (Brittany Runs A Marathon) Utkarsh Ambuktar as he takes us on a freestyle journey into wartime New York City: where bombs are falling, tanks are moving and soldiers are marching. As he tries to hold his family together, he may have to make the ultimate sacrifice to keep them safe. Recorded at Goldishack to 1/4” tape, mastered by Superfine Audio NYC.


Guerrillas on stage — thanks to everyone who came out to a sold out City Winery last month!

Portraits by music photographer Deneka Peniston.